Education, Society, and Intervention


Research Lines

Line 1 – New Learning Contexts

In this line of research, the potential of new learning contexts, which social evolution continually brings to us, is debated. From network learning to experiential community learning that emerges in the face of current problems, new socialization, and human development scenarios are built. Bringing these new realities to the light of action research is the essential contribution of this line of research to this area.

Line 2 – New Forms of Subjectivity and Community Organization

This line of research studies the impact that new forms of identity subjectivation and intersubjective relationships have on educational and social intervention contexts. The new behavioral and social forms that people acquire in modernity and the new forms of community organization constitute challenges for social intervention to innovate in the path of greater efficiency. What emerges from the study of new forms of subjectivity and intersubjectivity is valuable to research in this area.